Our Services

Hollow Coring

The hollow corer works by pushing hollowed tines into the ground this removes cores of soil. This reduces compaction and thatch and improves air and water movement into the soil.

Core Harvesting

This machine is used with the hollow corer. It collects the corers of soil removed by the hollow corer. It can speed up time greens are out of play and safe on labour costs.


Topdressing is carried out in all areas of turf maintenance. We have a range of topdressers that can be used on pitches, fairways tees, greens and lawns. Topdressing can be matted in leaving surface level, true and ready for play.


Scarifying removes thatch and moss from just below and on the surface. It helps relieve compaction, it improves air and water exchange into the soil and allows for topdressing to be worked into the surface. We have a range of scarifiers for pitches, tees, greens and lawns.


The proseeder is used on golf greens,bowling greens and tees. Its spiraled rolled produces close hole spacings and delivers the seed into the holes. This machine can also topdress allowing for seeding and topdressing to be carried out in one pass.

Digger Hire

We can hire diggers and drivers for general digging and construction.


We can turf goalmouths, lawned areas etc and carryout general landscaping work.


The verti-draining works by driving tines into the ground. This shatters the soil below the surface allowing air, water and the grass roots to penetrate the into soil.